I have been creating digital art ever since my childhood, on commodore 64 and AtariST that my big brother bought us. Game art was a big inspiration for me. I spent hours customizing character portraits for a particular one. In school we were doing simple animations with the little Macintoshes and in the afternoons I hang around at my neighbours and on occasion got to play on their PC and make some art. In Junior high my first actual computer art class was with Windows Paint. What could be achieved with the crude program was impressive, though soon Photoshop took over for years, for coloring drawings and painting. On occasion I would return to MSPaint, for the nostalgia or plain frustration with software that my PC could not keep up with it. In recent years it has become my main software for digital art. It is reliable in its simplicity but also it seems to have a strangely unique aesthetic to it that just speaks to me. Though I do lik,e to experiment with various software from painting to 3d and VR, and will go for them as situation calls for it.


Programmable Art

live view
Tree of Abundance.
Programmable digital art consisting of multiple NFT layers.
Layer owners can change properties to on their layers, change the appeareance of the artwork.
Tree of Abundance on Async.Art

live view

Nocturnal Tide
Programmable digital art NFT

Artwork changes between two images based on a day and night cycle.

Nocturnal Tide on Async.Art



Circles A virtal Exhibition

Circles was intended to be held as an actual exhibition, but due to Covid-19 I decided to held it as virtual one instead.

It is viewable from the links below


CIRCLES Mobile no text

I made the whole as an NFT with unlockable content, it is available on Rarible