Mikko Lyytinen is a visual artist from Finland, born in 1981

He began his art studies in Orivesi college in 2006 where he spent one year preparing for art school and he was awarded with a stipend. In fall of 2007 He began studies in Lahti Institute of Fine Arts and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts specializing in painting. His degree work “Growth” is in the Lahti art museum collection. Soon after graduation he won the first prize in Art of Basware art contest with his work “Pyhätön”. He has been working as an artist since and has been exhibiting regularly as a solo artist, as well as a member of an art group called Hydra. Both solo and group work have received support with grants from government and private foundations.  He has also been active in the local artists association over the years doing various tasks from fixing printers to serving in the exhibition committee, as well as being a treasurer and board member.

In the realm of traditional art he does abstract painting with oils. He also does digital art, especially digital drawing with more figurative and symbolistic style as well as digital painting.

The sense of material and the feel of the medium is very important to him, even in digital form when dealing with pixels His approach to making art has its origins in nature experience, which is his greatest inspiration. Chaos, change and growth are some of the underlying subjects throughout his work, often reflecting on personal life or world events. Other inspiration comes from various sources, like myths and folklore or their modern counterparts in pop-culture and literature, which he often refers to in his art as tool of association.

His interest in technology and ideas like guaranteed basic income and decentralized internet led him to experiment with cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2014. In 2016 he started posting his art on a blockchain based social media site and in 2018 he created his first NFT.

Mikko Lyytinen lives in Lahti, where he continues creating both digital and traditional art